Reform Architecture

Design Philosophy

Reform Architecture for 'Transforming Space & Exploring New Concepts' within Buckinghamshire

Our design approach is to develop the design concept in close relation with our client and to provide a creative, bespoke solution that not only meets their individual expectations but invaraibly exceeds them by introducing alternative, but relevant, ideas which add value, quality and inspiration. This can be in a modern and contemporary way or we can use references from the past, incuding historical architectural styles and traditional materials and construction techniques to great effect.

The Minimalist ideology professes that 'Less is More' and that to reduce something to the bare minimum requires effort and skill, this is echoed by the wish of many to decluter our lives and can be neatly expressed in the buildings and spaces we inhabit, we are totally supportive of this maxim and eager to use it whenever appropriate. In the process of paring down and distilling the design concept to be as pure as possible new creative ways of using materials and detailing junctions are required, it is only through a thorough understanding of materials and detailing that these concepts can be developed to reach their full potential. Reform Architecture prides itself on having the skills to fulfil these tasks in an efficient and elegant way.

Within all of the above we adopt a pragmatic approach and take our client's brief very seriously to achive a soution that is elegant, relavant, highly efficient and hopefully exceeds expectations whilst meeting any budgetary requirements they may want to adhere to.

As mentioned, we have established close working relationships with a variety of Surveyors, Quantity Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Planning Consultants who integrate seemlessly into or own service provision along with other building related professionals such as Lanscape Architects, Interior Designers, Land & Property Surveyors, Developers and Building Contractors.