Reform Architecture

Building & Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

The Uk government's new Zero Carbon Homes, Passivhaus & Ultra Low Energy Use buildings: We can advise on Orientation, building shape/form, the use of thermal mass and insulation/constructional material options, air tightness, solar gain/shading, mechanical ventilation and heat recovery plus heating and other appliances.

Knowledge and practical advice related to:

  • Passive solar/thermal heating, Biomas heating, geothermal options (Ground source & air source heat pumps) for heating/cooling & passive ventilation.
  • Solar electric (photo-voltaic) and wind turbine power generation.
  • Other Renewable Energy options: Combined Heat & Power, water/wind pumps and water/waste recycling.
  • Natural/renewable building material options and embodied energy comparison.

Historic Building Renovation and Conversion

Specialist design & advice including:

  • Advice on use of traditional or other materials, building technology & structural design solutions and their limitations/advantages.
  • Appropriate use of historical styling/detailing and materials for refurbishment & new build building projects.
  • Use of contemporary styling/detailing and materials to compliment traditional buildings and settings if and where appropriate.

Building Conservation:

Specialist design & advice including:

  • Discussion & negotiation with Local Authority Planning Officer, Historic Building/Conservation Design Officer, English Heritage, Local Conservation groups and Archaeologist as appropriate.
  • Listed Building Consents obtained.
  • Research undertaken & specialist advice sought on materials specification and traditional work procedures where necessary.
  • Detail design and specifications written, specialist & general contractors assessed for suitability, works tendered & contractor appointed.