Reform Architecture


Architectural Services

Measured Surveys

Our measured building surveys are undertaken with great care to ensure accuracy, this helps to ensure any designed alterations are achievable on site without alteration and without unnecessary problems occuring due to setting out errors, which can otherwise lead to delay and additional cost to the Building Contract.

Feasibility Studies

Where there is uncertainty about a project, for whatever reason, then it may be important to undertake preliminary research to provide answers to avoid any doubt prior to starting the design process. Answers to the key issues will be sought in conjunction with other consultants, where necessary, to provide a clearer overall understanding about the proposal's characteristics and will help inform and shape the design at an early stage in the process which will help avoid wasting time and money.

Planning Advice and Consultancy

We have a sound understanding of Government NPPF and Local Authority Planning Policy throughout the area we serve and also deal closely with Historic Building Officers on Listed Building and Conservation Area projects. Where necessary, we seek additional advice from Planning Consultants, arrange topographic surveys, landscape design, environmental audits and arboricultural reports to assist in achieving successful planning outcomes. To date we have a first time round planning application success rate of 94% (183 out of 195 applications - base date January 2015) and a further 3% of the initial refusals were then either sucessfully taken on to appeal or simply amended in order to gain approval.

Building Regulation Drawings and Approval

We adopt an attitude that the building regulation/construction drawings should show the contractor all he needs to know to build to and to do this we chose to show whatever sections, elevations and plans are necessary; which tend to include the more complcated elements of detail rather than the easier ones. We are not deterred by the need to explore, resolve and intergrate more complex information; which is where a lot of other design organisations fall short. During this process we keep our clients fully engaged with the process and will use other external consultants and specialist suppliers to complete the package. We have very good working relationships with Local Authority Build Control officers with whom we can often resolve more complex issues without resorting to complex solutions.


  • Detailed design and specification writing
  • Advice on Forms of Building Contract and a shortlist of suitable Contractors
  • Tender procurement and analysis of tender results and advice on appointment
  • Drawing up Contract Documents and Contract administration
  • Site visits, issuing instructions, valuations and Contract certification