Welcome to Reform Architecture

Reform Architecture Ltd - for 'creative responsible building solutions'

Reform Architecture was established in 2001 to provide an architectural design service to it's clients and fellow consultants covering a range of Conservation design issues, from dealing with Listed Buildings and traditional methods of building, through to Energy Conservation and intergration of appropriate low energy use technologies and materials. From here, Reform Architecture has naturally progressed into affliated areas of design including building recycling, redevelopment and enhancment, including bespoke Architectural design and the use of 'cutting edge' materials and technology, often in a minimalist way, to meet exacting standards and any budgetary constraints.

One of the key strengths of the practice is the careful & methodical appraisal of the building, it's layout, it's performance and to enhance and maximise all aspects of the design and layout.

Our inspiration is to impress and amaze both our clients and those who visit and use the buildings we design. We do this in a responsible way with the user always in mind and strive to find elegant solutions in the process, regardless of the scale or complexity of the project.

Planning Consultancy is an increasingly important component of the advice we provide to our clients as the planning system evolves and planning resources are being squeezed from public to private sectors. We are now well placed to provide independent advice backed up with a wealth of experience and also work closely with Local Planning Consultants when required.

We have established relationships with a wide and comprehensive range of external consultants over time who help us provide a seamless service to our clients, from the design concept stage through to building completion.